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Peder Tellefsdal, Author, Speaker and Consultant on Clear Communication

Let’s tell stories people WANT
to be in

Peder Tellefsdal is a former political advisor who is now a senior partner at a Norwegian PR agency. As an author, speaker, and consultant on clear communication, Peder helps brands connect with their audiences by telling better stories. 

Small businesses

Church leaders

Climate communicators

Why does it seem so difficult to communicate what you do?

Have you ever…

  • Stumbled when someone asked you, “What do you do?”

  • Wished you could get more attention for your brand, products, or services?

  • Felt like people don’t understand the value you provide?

  • Struggled to differentiate yourself among competing businesses or organizations?

When people can’t understand you or your work, it makes everything harder. 


You can’t build something bigger than yourself without other people, and you can’t reach people if they don’t understand what you do.


Imagine if everyone understood why your work matters. 


That’s the power of telling a story people actually want to be in. And I can help you tell yours.

Work with Peder

Whether you’re a business owner, climate communicator, or a Church leader struggling to get your message heard in today’s noisy world, I can help you.


Small Businesses

Most businesses hope that their marketing efforts work, but secretly feel like it isn’t working. Unfortunately, they don’t know what to change, or how to improve it.


As a Storybrand Certified Guide I will help you clarify your message so you know what to say, and give you the confidence that it will work, wherever your customers are.


Church Leaders

Don’t you wish you could stop spending energy on what divides us and return to speaking about what unites us? 


Over the last few decades, the Church has become defined by what we are against instead of what we are for. It’s time to reclaim what we’ve lost.


Let’s make the Christian faith relevant again.

Peder Tellefsdal, Author, Speaker and Consultant on Clear Communication

Climate Communicators

It shouldn’t be so hard to convince people to protect the planet they depend on.

Peder Tellefsdal is a speaker and consultant on climate communication, who believes that in order to save the environment, we need a radical shift in our messaging and storytelling.

Peder Telefsdal - Climate Communications Speaker.jpeg

Hi, I’m Peder

Over 20 years ago I began my career as a political advisor and discovered when it comes to communication, there are 3 common pitfalls:

We spend too much time talking about ourselves,

We struggle to clearly describe what our projects are and why they matter,

We often tell stories people don’t actually want to be in.

Years later I left the world of politics to become a PR professional and found myself working in  the field of sustainability. There, I discovered the exact same 3 problems within climate communication.


Today, in my work with Church leaders and Christian organizations, again, the same problems repeat themselves.

And yet in each field the solution was simple: talk about others, clarify your communication, and tell better stories.

Whether you’re a business owner, climate communicator, or a Church leader struggling to get your message heard in today’s noisy world, I can help you.

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Senior Partner at Innoventi


1.7M Views on TEDx

How to seek forgiveness when relationships are on the line

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Master's Degree

Strategic Communication and Storytelling


Certified StoryBrand Guide

Per Espen Stoknes

"Peder has in-depth knowledge of the green shift and why traditional climate communication has failed. He is a superb storyteller and represents a much-needed new communication model for driving climate action."

- Per Espen Stoknes, bestselling author, TED Global speaker and director of the Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School.

Working with Peder is Simple and Easy


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Achieve Message Clarity

"Peder can speak about a complex topic in a way that truly resonates with the audience, and his delivery was outstanding!"

- Linn Juul-Petersen, Event organizer, TEDxArendal

Linn Juul-Petersen
Marit Sjøvaag

“Peder is positive, energetic, and highly knowledgeable. He provides solid content combined with good and relevant practical takeaways, giving the audience a truly engaging learning experience.”

- Marit Sjovaag, Associate Professor, Norwegian Business School, Event Organizer Green Growth Conference

“Peder will make any event organizer look like a rock star!”

- Brian Miller, Founder & Principal Consultant, Clarity Up Consulting

Peder Tellefsdal, Author, Speaker and Consultant on Clear Communication

When you clarify your message…

You will communicate with confidence

People start listening to you

Your brand stands out in the marketplace

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